Thursday, 3 July 2014

Why Start this Blog

I turn 50 next year and I don't know how many times in the past quarter century that I've said, "I wish someone had told me that".  So as I enter my next century, I thought I would pass on things I wish I had known when I first got married.  Mostly, I just want to share some of my easy recipes that make for great family dinners and easy entertaining.  No one told me that entertaining could be easy.  I always thought everything had to be fancy and "from scratch".  Not that I don't love a great menu but I have found many recipes that fit the bill of easy and affordable while making guests and family happy.

So, I want to start with my most requested appy.  Made in less than 10 minutes.  I've noticed at potlucks that many of my co-workers in their 20's and 30's don't cook or bake but bring store bought items.  Store bought is expensive and often lacks the same taste of something homemade.  They complain they don't have time for homemade.  This recipe is really quick and easy and always requested.

Best Ever Taco Dip

Take a glass pie plate.

Inside the pie plate add:

1 container of cream cheese - 8 ounces
Add 3/4cup of mayo.  Swirl together and press to cover bottom of plate.
Add  one cup of salsa to cover cheese/mayo mixture (I use Pace salsa)
Add one cup of shredded cheese and spread over plate - In a hurry use Tex-Mex mix or grate cheddar or Monterey Jack
Top with one tomato chopped into small pieces.

Serve with taco chips - Lime flavored ones are the best

I have tried over the years adding other ingredients like olives, avocado, green pepper.  You are welcome to do so but I find simple is best.  The dip get gobbled up because it appeals to almost everyone.

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