Friday, 27 March 2015

Capsule Dressing - Update

I work part-time so I office time, plus 5 days a week home time.  Love my schedule but dressing is a challenge.  I am attempting to do the 333 challenge (only 33 items of clothing for three months) but having the dual lifestyle is making it a little difficult.  The good news it that I've gotten rid of four garbage bags of clothes I won't wear....donated them.  My closet at least now can breathe.  I have also created an excel sheet to track my items and see how often I wear an item, and whether it is for work, weekend or both.  I hope to understand how I dress better.  So far I have the following:

333 Wardrobe Pieces

  1. Dark Jeans
  2. Light Jeans
  3. Cream Silk Pants
  4. Pattern Blue Pants
  5. Black Pants
  6. Pink Pants
  7. Navy Pants
  8. Blue sleeveless top
  9. Blue and Cream striped cardigan
  10. Doggie Blouse
  11. Pink Blouse
  12. Black sleeveless Dress with netting
  13. Silk patterned Dress
  14. Black T-Shirt
  15. Blue t-shirt
  16. Beautiful t-shirt
  17. Blue plain blouse
  18. Coral plain blouse
  19. Floral top
  20. Blue Striped top
  21. Anne Taylor floral top
  22. Light Blue Jacket
  23. Fuchsia Jacket
  24. Black cardigan
  25. Navy Jacket
  26. White Short-sleeved blouse
  27. Purple Dress
  28. Long black sweater
  29. Black and Red Dress
  30. Grey Blazer
  31. Hot Pink Sweater
  32. Grey Cardigan
  33. Navy Dress
  34. Black Striped Jacket
  35. Grey and White Cardigan
Okay, so I am two over.  It is still a work in progress.  Since I had not bought anything in so long, I did a recent shopping trip to Reitmans and Joe Fresh to kick start things.  Below are some early favorites:
#4 - Reitmans

#17 - Joe Fresh 

#10 - Reitmans

#20 - Blue Striped Top - Reitmans

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